I’d love to speak at your youth or parenting event.

This has been a great summer of speaking and teaching. God has shown up in amazing ways. I have been totally blessed by some amazing camps and churches.  I’m still at a camp as I type this. I finish up tonight speaking to 500+ Junior Highers at Thousand Pines Camp from Mariners Church. It’s been a great week. I was just listed by Parentministry.net as one of their top 24 recommended speakers in their speaker guide 2015-2016

Why Do I do this?

Why am I doing this? I love to teach and speak to students and their parents. It’s something  I’ve been doing for a long time and I love it.  As I have left full-time pastoral church ministry this year I’ve had the freedom to really get back to connecting with students and it has been so fun and life-giving.

When you get me you get:

  1. Authenticity- I’m open about my story and my life and the way God leads even in struggle.
  2. Someone who is culturally relevant and “gets” what the messages our students are hearing every day from culture.
  3. A communicator who knows how to talk to students in style and language they understand. I know how to engage them.
  4. A pastor who will care about your students and leaders and not just someone looking for a paycheck. This is a ministry for me and I love to connect.
  5. Someone who doesn’t take himself to seriously but take the message of the Gospel very seriously. I love the Bible and being involved in the faith journey of students.
  6. Great follow up resources to use with your students in the form of my Middle and High School Devotional Series. 

Places I love to teach:

  1. Camps of any kind. I love the focused chunk of time with students.
  2. At an event or activity. I can bring a solid, fun and real message to students.
  3. With their parents. I wrote a parenting book that is aimed at giving simple tips and ideas for their parents to  better engage with them. It’s called Bold Parenting. 
  4. I am super flexible and have spoken on the top of houseboats, churches, large camp settings and around small fire pits.

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Welcome to the world Headquarters of everything Lars

I suppose its probably ok to start out relaunching my website by calling this my world headquarters. The reality is I’ve found that I connect with so many people online that I might as well just claim that as my space where I “live.”  I’m not Tron and do have a physical presence but I’m going to try to put as much of “me” as I possibly can into this site.

Is it a blog? Probably some times it will be or at least I’ll add a page for random daily musings.

Is it a bookstore? No!!! but I figured I would add links to things I’ve written on the writings page and you can go to Amazon if you are interested in buying anything.

Is is a Marketing tool to make money?  That’s probably a great question and one that I will be honest and say that is partially true but not the main goal. Yes I am hoping this helps generate some more speaking and writing projects because those things really give me life and I love to do them but no this is more about having a place where I can call home to all my projects.

So here I go. Back to creating something and hoping it helps to make a little difference.

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