Welcome to the world Headquarters of everything Lars

I suppose its probably ok to start out relaunching my website by calling this my world headquarters. The reality is I’ve found that I connect with so many people online that I might as well just claim that as my space where I “live.”  I’m not Tron and do have a physical presence but I’m going to try to put as much of “me” as I possibly can into this site.

Is it a blog? Probably some times it will be or at least I’ll add a page for random daily musings.

Is it a bookstore? No!!! but I figured I would add links to things I’ve written on the writings page and you can go to Amazon if you are interested in buying anything.

Is is a Marketing tool to make money?  That’s probably a great question and one that I will be honest and say that is partially true but not the main goal. Yes I am hoping this helps generate some more speaking and writing projects because those things really give me life and I love to do them but no this is more about having a place where I can call home to all my projects.

So here I go. Back to creating something and hoping it helps to make a little difference.

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