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I love to Speak and engage with students, leaders and parents.

  1. Authenticity- I’m open about my story and my life and the way God leads even in struggle.
  2. Someone who is culturally relevant and “gets” what the messages our students are hearing every day from culture. I’m a High School teacher and a youth pastor. A unique combination where I see so many different facets of students lives.
  3. A communicator who knows how to talk to students in style and language they understand. I know how to engage them.
  4. A pastor who will care about your students and leaders and not just someone looking for a paycheck. This is a ministry for me and I love to connect.
  5. Someone who doesn’t take himself to seriously but take the message of the Gospel very seriously. I love the Bible and being involved in the faith journey of students.
  6. Great follow up resources to use with your students in the form of my Middle and High School Devotional Series. 
  7. I was just listed by parent ministry.net as one of the top 24 speakers they recommend to churches. It’s an honor to be on that list.


1/31/16 Preaching at Rose Hill Presbyterian Church

1/3/16 Preaching at Rose Hill Presbyterian Church


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